Phases of the study

The Music Impact Study uses various research methods to gain as 360-degree perspective on the relationship between music and sales. In order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the topic, the data  from the empirical study, quantitative surveys, expert interviews and focus groups build on each other.
It was preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the current state of research based on relevant studies published worldwide on this topic in recent decades.
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Literature study

The literature study is a profound summary of relevant scientific studies on the topic "music and sales". In a first step, we reviewed highly ranked scientific studies, which dealt with the question "How is the influence of background music on sales?". We ensured to have a well-founded state-of-the-art scientific overview and included all articles which have been published in international highly ranked journals in the last decades.

Quantitative surveys

What influence does background music have on customers and employees? Is music used differently at different times of day? How is music selected and what genres are played? This and much more we asked gastronomers and retailers with our online surveys of several hundred participants.
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Empirical study

This study is the "heart" of the Music Impact Study. Here, together with a renowned market research institute, we conduct a large-scale empirical study among around 150 gastronomers and retailers. Alternately, we play music or deliberately do without it in order to analyze what influence the music (or its absence) has on the sales figures. To ensure that we take all scientific criteria into account, we work closely with an international team of scientific experts.

Interviews and focus groups

What do renowned musicologists and music experts have to say about music and sales at the point of sale?  We'll find out in interviews. Equally interesting is the practical perspective: gastronomers and retailers as well as customers discuss the topic in so-called focus groups. The results will be evaluated by a market research institute.
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